Some materials in English


1. Links to different satellit sites about climate. You can be more knowledgeable yourself.


2. Project Nossan, how work in environmental science is done at Lagmansgymnasiet.

    Shown at the Science on Stage in Cern. A meeting of about 400 teachers from all countries in Europe.

    Video from Science on Stage Cern:

    More pictures from Cern:


3.  Environmental improvements, positive development in Sweden regarding our nature.


4.  Teaching in the Philippines


5.  Plastic and Ocean; Summery from writings of a marine scientist.


6.  PowerPoint; Plastic and Ocean.


7.  PowerPoint; About climate and typhoons.


8.  PowerPoint; Forrest


9.  Powerpoint; Ozone layer, is it disappearing?

10 My research with embryo growth in seeds