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Bränderna i Kalifornien, beror de på klimatförändringar?

Du har knappast undgått att hör vad som händer i Kalifornien!

Det är torrt och mycket med ved som kan brinna. Det förebyggande arbetet släpar efter stort och inte bara släpar efter utan det är stoppat pga att människan inte ska in i naturen och hålla ordning enligt somliga grupper. Det gäller en viss uggla som sägs det behöver gammal skog för att överleva.

I New American sägs det


“There are currently an estimated 66 million dead trees in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. The land there can comfortably support between 20 and 100 trees per acre. The current tree density in the area is 266 trees per acre. So not only are federal laws choking the area with dead trees, but the trees that remain must fight for space simply to survive.”

Gott om bränsle således. Läs gärna hela artikeln.

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tionico • a day ago

Divest FedGov from ownership/control of ALL public lands within each of the states. THEIR stupid policies lead to the situatioin we have now. Let each state manage those lands to the best advantage of the STATE.

Interesting, and accurate, analises of the effects of the Endagnered Species nonsense, too.

I remember back when the Northern Spotted Owl brouhaha was inventd out of whole cloth. The claim was made that that critter MUST have old growh forest to survive, it will not tolerate anything less. Baldfaced lie, that. I know of some rural folks who have seen them nesting in power poles, and in barns., When there are open forests a few wingflaps distant. Hey, I've got some in MY yard, and I certainly do not live in old grown forest, but well developed rural area surrounded for miles by urban sprawl. Personal friend of mine grew up with the then head forester of the Olympic National FOrest. Went to ask HIM the deal about the spotted owl. Since they were so close, the forester did not mince words. He said the whole thing was invented by FedGov because THEY had DECIDED that the Northwest must end its economic base in timber production, and inventing the spottted owl crisis perfectly served as the excuse. FedGov also went after ALL the major timper producers, even those cultivatiing privately owned forest lands. They FORCED the companies to divest themselves of whole sectors of their operation. "We can't have you providing EVERY STEP wllong the pathway from the dirt to the racks in Home Depot. Forced Weyerhauser to shut down their sawmills.... they could grow, harvest, transport.. but could no longer mill. What a sick joke. No wonder the value of standing timber has falllen... the profit has been taken out of the value chain. One more sick example of government meddling CAUSING problems. End it. FedGov have NO right or authority under the COnstitution that binds them to own or control ANY lands except for a few nemed purposes, and that must be PURCHASED by FedGov under agreement with the State.